You don’t have to do it alone – on Radical Acceptance & Building Trusting Relationships with Chrissie Davies

by Adina Levy

On the Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast ‘Radical Acceptance & Building Trusting Relationships with Kids’ I shared my chat with the dynamic and warm Chrissie Davies from Chaos to Calm Consultancy. Chrissie is an author, trauma-informed educator, speaker, all-round wonderful human who talks a lot about supporting ADHDers – grown-ups like herself, as well as kids.

We talked about advocating for kids to be OK at school, we talked about parenting neurodivergent kids, we talked about her wonderful books, and SO much more!

    Listen here or watch on YouTube!

    I wanted to share a beautiful quote from Chrissie, on what she wants parents of neurodivergent children to know… this just had me nodding along so vigorously!

    You can’t do it alone. Additional needs parenting has so many layers and complexities and parents are expected to be across so many different things and learning so many different things.
    One of the things I really want to encourage parents, and mothers in particular, who I know carry a lot of the load, is you don’t have to do it alone.

    It’s so important for all the adults around a child to work together and understand that we don’t just operate a robots there to do homework, chauffer kids to appointments, fill out forms etc. We adults are actually humans (yes, really!) with our own emotions, energy levels, worries, health & mental health challenges, sparkly unique brains, life demands…

    Whether you’re a parent or professional supporting neurodivergent kids, I hope you’ll take this moment to be kind to yourself and notice your own capacity for caring for the wonderful young humans in your world! Get your own help. Find your bright spark trusted humams. Do something nice for YOU.

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