Stop waiting! Why speech therapy waitlists don’t mean you should ‘just wait’

by Adina Levy

We have such a massive issue with therapy and medical waitlists in Australia, quite possibly in the world! If you’re one of many, many people waiting for speech therapy support right now you’re so welcome to reply and say ‘ME’.


Once you know you want support and guidance for your child, it can be so frustrating being unable to get started.


I’m so so so passionate about helping families get started, get guidance, reliable information, and strategies that can help your child develop their communication skills right now. Like RIGHT now.


So here’s my controversial take – Speech therapists are not magical!! WHAAAAAT?


We’re generally pretty wonderful, sure! But we don’t possess some magic that means time spent with a speechie is the key to your child’s communication development.


YOU are magical! You know your child better than anyone. Did you know that you have SO much power to learn strategies, mindset, ideas and guide your child’s development?


Therapists can be wonderful teachers, play partners, and coaches. But 1 hour or 30 minutes a week spent directly with your child can only go *so far* to making changes in your child’s skills and relationships.

When you as their parent learn about your child’s brain, individual strengths, and understand strategies that be embedded into your everyday life, the support happens in every single moment of your life.

Does this mean I’m asking parents to be switched ‘on’ to Therapist Mode™️ 24/7? Absolutely not! What I teach is a lot of mindset that you can carry into your daily life to reframe how you relate to your child. I teach the power of ‘sometimes’ – sometimes join in with your child’s play (not all the time). Sometimes narrate your child’s experiences (not all the time). Sometimes model interesting new language (not always).


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