BOOKS! What should I do when I read to my toddler?

by Adina Levy

3 things to keep in mind when you share books with your young child

1️⃣ Let your child explore books in the way that suits their sensory preferences and interests. It’s OK to flick pages, tap on pages, wear a book as a hat, stare at the pictures on 1 page for a long time, and skip pages

2️⃣ Step away from the feeling that you need to read every word on a page. Talk about the pictures or story. Relate the story to your child’s life experiences

3️⃣ Make books ‘come alive’ by introducing objects and actions that relate to the book. This can extend attention, interest and help your child understand the words and story!

Want more ideas for helping your child communicate and loads more ideas for using books to connect? 

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