What I hope for the future for Autistic Children

by Adina Levy

Here’s what I hope for the Autistic children growing up today and in the future.

  • I hope that these kids will know who they are and how their brain works
  • I hope that these kids will have pride in their strengths
  • I hope that these kids will find ‘their people’ – friends who respect, understand and deeply connect with them
  • I hope that these kids will grow up with adults around them who see them for who they are, and don’t try to change their essential selves
  • I hope that these kids will understand what makes them feel good (happy, joyful, sensorily regulated etc) and seek/ask for more of it
  • I hope that these kids will understand what makes them feel bad (icky, frustrated, worried etc), avoid it, and ask for less of it
  • I hope that these kids will be able to spend most of their ‘learning’ time engaged in enjoyable activities that light them up and fit their brains
  • I hope that these kids will live in a world that understands, respects and celebrates their unique fabulousness

That’s just the beginning.

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