Using books and TV to help your child understand social dynamics

by Adina Levy

3 ways to use books and TV to help your child understand social dynamics

1️⃣ Discuss the clues that help you and your child work out what someone else might be thinking or feeling

2️⃣ Make predictions together about how people might act or what they might say based on the clues you noticed. Compare your prediction with what happened

3️⃣ Take the time after watching/reading to break down tricky social situations in books or TV shows to help your child understand and process what happened. Discuss opinions about how characters acted and give ‘advice’ for how else characters could have responded or acted.

When you have these chats with your child, remember to make them a balanced conversation – not a test! These can be key moments to help your child learn about their own responses, emotions, and learn how to undertand the motives and thoughts of others.

🧠 Neurodiversity-affirming note: We want to honour each child’s individual thoughts, strengths, preferences and mannerisms. Let your child be themselves and choose how they act in social situations. Supporting your child to learn about what other people might be thinking or doing can help them more confidently navigate their world and make more informed choices about who they hang out with and how they navigate challenging social situations.

Want more support in teaching your child to understand social dynamics?

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