The power of WAITING… for your child (or partner, parent, friend…) to talk

by Adina Levy

Here’s a tip that seems so simple. It’s powerful. It’s also really hard to put into practice! It’s WAITING!


🌟 When you WAIT for your child to respond or take a turn, you give them space to join in and speak their mind.

πŸ‘When you WAIT, you give your child space to show you what they can do.

πŸ™Œ When you WAIT, you let your child have a say in their world.


But waiting is hard…

As parents, we can sometimes struggle to WAIT. We often bombard our kids with words, comments, questions… It’s a lot.


Your child might need you to WAIT longer than you think.




When you say or ask something to your child, WAIT longer than you usually would. Wait, 5, 10 or even 15 seconds for your kid to take a turn (talking, responding, action, anything).


Count in your head if it helps!


Waiting IS hard, but you CAN do it!


βœ‹ Try waiting longer , and see how your child responds. Even if your child can have conversations and has good language skills, this strategy can be so incredibly powerful to help your child open up and share more of their own ideas and thoughts.


Did you try it? Do you find waiting hard? How does your child respond when you wait and let them start, or take a turn?

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