The Power of a Simple Snack to Help your Child Communicate More

by Adina Levy

I wanted to share a simple idea today. Here’s how you can build in a bit of fun and give your child more opportunities to communicate with you when you’re having a snack or a meal.


Give the food or drink bit-by-bit

Give them 2 chips on their plate, then wait!

Pour just a drop of juice into their cup, then wait!

Pause, and notice if your child sends you a message in ANY way to let you know that they want more!  You can even build in some silliness and fun by ‘getting it wrong’, like your child be the expert to ‘help you’ get the routine right!

Important note: This is NOT about withholding food. Your child doesn’t HAVE to communicate with you to get more of their snack. You’re simply pausing and giving them a CHANCE to let you know they want more.

They might communicate with words, sounds, gestures, actions, signs, facial expressions or more. Make sure you’re looking for even the most subtle ways that your child might be communicating “more!” to you and respond to that!

Want more simple strategies that you can use to help your child’s communication in everyday situations?

The Hanen TalkAbility online program helps parents of 3-7 year old verbal autistic children (or children with social communication difficulties) to feel more confident and skillful in helping your kids develop communication, interaction and social communication skills.

I’ve made a video for you if you’re curious about the program.

Grab a cup of tea or a 🍷 and watch the video today! You’ll learn about what the TalkAbility program involves, and decide if it’s the right next step for your child and family!

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