Webinar Recording – Eating, Mealtimes, and Food Aversions for Autistic Children (28 min)



Watching this 28-minute recorded webinar, you’ll learn about why your autistic child might have eating difficulties, and how to support them. I share info about your mindset, relationship factors, and practical easy-to-do suggestions to help you and your family have calmer mealtimes and support your child to feel safe to explore new foods over time.

I have a neurodiversity affirming approach, as a neurodivergent speech therapist with lived experience of eating challenges. I bring both my personal and professional perspectives together to share reliable information and insights.

Ideal for parents of any autistic child who has difficulty with eating, meal times, limited food repertoire or ‘fussy eating’.

You get 30 days’ access to watch this webinar. After you purchase the webinar, you’ll get an email with access information.

This webinar includes optional captions and a transcription.

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Note: This webinar is not a replacement for individualised therapeutic advice. Purchasing or viewing this webinar does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. Please seek individual guidance and advice if you need further support.