Secret Agent Society

Online Group Program

Secret Agent Society Online Group Program

Emotional regulation & social communication program for 8-12 year olds, with a Neurodiversity-Affirming approach

Update about SAS Groups with Play. Learn. Chat.

I no longer run SAS groups, and I generally don’t recommend this support any more. I don’t believe that the program (as it is supposed to be delivered ‘by the book’) is aligned with best practice for neurodivergent children.

If you are a parent looking for guidance, support, community and strategies, I’m here to help, with the Connect & Grow Community!

To learn more about how to choose Neurodiversity Affirming supports for your child’s social abilities, please check out my recorded, on-demand webinar for parents: Affirming Ways to Support your Neurodivergent Child’s Social Interactions

Here are some other supports that you might find beneficial for your child, that are neurodiversity affirming. None of these suggestions constitutes an endorsement as I haven’t personally checked out these providers. Please discuss your questions and needs directly with the providers.


If you are looking for other providers of the Secret Agent Society program, find them here.