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Facebook Groups/Pages

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Join the FB Group Australian Speechies discussing neurodiversity affirming practices

Join FB Group Australian Neurodiversity Affirming Health Professionals

Join Marge Blanc’s FB Group Natural Language Acquisition Study Group for GLP info

Diary of a Mum FB page

Autistic not Weird

Autism Level UP

I CAN Network


Books for Grown-Ups to Read

 Different Not Less – Chloe Hayden

The Explosive Child – Dr Ross Greene

Pete Warmby – Untypical

Kay Kerr – Love and Autism

Yellow Ladybugs – Supporting Autistic Girls and Gender Diverse Youth


Books to Read with Kids

The Brain Forest – Sandhya Menon

The Rainbow Brain – Sandhya Menon

Love me Love my ADHD – Chrissie Davies

Some Brains – Nelly Thomas

A Day Without Words – Tiffany Hammond

My Brother Otto – Meg Raby

My Brother Otto & the Birthday Party – Meg Raby


Podcasts to Listen To

My podcast! Exploring Neurodiversity

Yellow Ladybugs Podcast

Two Sides of the Spectrum

Princess and the Pea

Think Inclusive

The Neurodivergent Woman

Articles to read

So, what is “internalized ableism”? – Neurodiverging.com

What is internalized ableism and what can we do to overcome it? – Rea Strawhill

Excellent Organisations & Websites

Yellow Ladybugs 

I Can Network

Family Advocacy

Lives in the Balance – Dr Ross Greene’s CPS Approach

Kelly Mahler’s website – Interoception info


Documents of Interest

Speech Pathology Australia – Autism Position Statement (2022) – SPA Login required

Speech Pathology Australia – Autism Practice Guide: Working with Autistic People (2022)
– SPA Login required

National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Australia
Autism CRC (2018)

National Guideline for supporting the learning, participation, and wellbeing of autistic children and their families in Australia – Autism CRC (2022)

Disability Standards for Education 2005 (Rev. 2020)


Other Helpful Links, Programs, PD

Marge Blanc’s webinar presented by AGOSCI – What’s Good About Echolalia? It’s Language!

Ausome Training

SEA Bridge



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