What’s next for the Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast?

Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast – Episode 27

by Adina Levy

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Welcome to the Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast. I’m Adina Levy from Play. Learn. Chat. I’m a neurodivergent speech therapist. And I’m obsessed with creating a world when neurodiversity is understood, embraced, supported, and celebrated. Join me as we have conversations about autistic, ADHD, neurodivergent experiences, and I share how you can support neurodivergent children in your world.

Let’s all work together to make change where change is needed so that the world can be a more friendly place for neurodivergent people and for everyone.

Hello friends, this is going to be a short episode wrapping up 2023 and looking ahead to 2024. It is currently the middle of December and it is such a perfect time of year to look back and look forward, take stock and think about what’s next. And a big part of that is I would love your input. I would love to hear from you, whoever you are listening, wherever you are, I really, really value your perspective, your insights, what you’d like to hear from me coming into 2024.

First off, I will share a couple of very exciting statistics from the Exploring Neurodiversity podcast. So over this year, this is my first year of podcasting and I’ve released 26 episodes. This is episode 27. That’s slightly more than once every fortnight, which I am immensely proud of.

I’ve also had a baby this year, so a big part of that was actually pre planning, recording, editing and scheduling six of these episodes, before I headed off into Babyland, which is something that was really, really, really hard for me to do, because once I’ve created a thing, I get so excited about it, I just want to put it out there in the world. So it was a real big practice for me to actually slow myself down so that we could pace out those podcast episodes every fortnight. So I will just give myself a little pat on the back for having done that.

One number that excites me immensely is that the all time number of listens of podcast episodes. So that is basically how many times any episode has been listened to across all of my episodes is 27, 238. Wow. Thank you. Thank you so much for being part of that number. I feel so honoured that you’ve let me into your earbuds and into your brain.

And if you’ve listened regularly, I thank you even more. If you’ve subscribed, if you have even gone as far as rating my podcast or leaving a review, I am so, so, so grateful.

As I said, I love this time of year for reviewing where we have come from and where we’re heading to next.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a pause from the podcast over the next few weeks so I can step back and think about, where I’d like my focus to be and what you, the people most want to hear about from me. When I first started Play. Learn. Chat. My business had an audience of parents of neurodivergent kids.

I now have an audience that is made up of a mix of parents and a lot of professionals who support neurodivergent kids, as I’ve been doing more and more professional development, especially around neurodiversity affirming practice.

And I also know that many of you listening might be wearing a few different hats while you’re listening to this. You may be a parent of a neurodivergent child and a teacher or a therapist or some other professional supporting kids. You may be neurodivergent yourself or neuro questioning, trying to figure out your own neurotype.

You might be a mix of all of the above.

The kinds of information, ideas, chats, discussions that’s going to be helpful for each of you will be different. And I really want to know who are you and what do you want to hear from me and who do you want me to chat with in 2024?

I’ve created a three minute survey and I say three minutes, it’s really, really quick. I respect your time and I know that everyone is so busy, but I truly want you to actually click into the show notes and complete it right now. Not put it on your to do list or think about doing it later.

I genuinely would love to hear from you right now in my three minute survey. Where you can share with me who you are, the kinds of episodes that you enjoy listening to, the topics and information that you want to hear from me in 2024, and also if you have any suggestions about who you would like me to chat with.

It’s really going to help me sit back and think about where to next. So while I don’t have an answer to the title of this podcast episode, what’s next for the Exploring Neurodiversity podcast, it’s a question and I want you to help me guide it.

So thank you for heading to the link to complete the survey. You can also type it in right now. You’ll find it at playlearnchat.com/survey. And I really promise it will take three minutes.

There’s just one last exciting thing I’m going to share with you in this episode and for this year in your ears. If you’ve been playing along on Instagram, you might have seen that I have actually started a new business. As well as Play. Learn. Chat. I now run Neurodivergent Business Coaching and Consulting.

For a few years now, I’ve done supervision for other therapists and allied health professionals. And some of that supervision has been clinical, talking about our sort of professional issues and considerations, and some of that coaching, supervision and support has been around aspects of their business. And what I found more and more is that I absolutely love talking about business, helping people figure out a business that is aligned for them, which is something I’m constantly doing for myself. Supporting neurodivergent business owners is utterly delightful and an area where I find there is so much need.

There are a lot of challenges that business owners with any brain type experience. But I do find that us neurodivergent folks have a specific set of additional layers of support that we might need. That might be things like additional sensory supports, tackling our internalised ableism and allowing ourselves to seek the support that we need. Building up the confidence to put yourself out there and charge your worth.

And even imagining a way to do business differently, because our brains are different. And we do best when we honour those differences and build our business in a way that is aligned with our strengths, our interests, and also honouring our support needs. So with that in mind, on Monday, the 8th of January, I’m going to be running a one day workshop. It’s a short day, it’s online, and it is called the Aligned Business Workshop. There are just 24 spots available, so by the time you listen to this, maybe some of the spots will already be filled. You should probably check it out soon if that sounds of interest to you.

As always, I’ll pop the link in the show notes if you are interested in checking out the Aligned Business Workshop. And if you can’t make that exact date, I would still say join the neurodivergent business coaching and consulting email list. There’ll be a place to do that at the link. And that way I can keep you updated about the future supports that I offer apart from this workshop, because I can guarantee there will be more.

You’ll find all the info about the Aligned Business Workshop at , , ndbusiness. co/aligned-business-workshop. that’s ND standing for neurodivergent

Again, link will be in the show notes, so you can just go and tap there. I would love to hear from you in the three minute survey.

I’d love to see you at the Aligned Business Workshop if you are a neurodivergent business owner, and I can’t wait to keep in touch in 2024.

I really wish you and your family a healthy, vibrant, relaxing, enjoyable, aligned new year period. Happy Hanukkah, happy Christmas, happy Kwanzaa, happy Summer, happy winter. Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, please do remember that your needs are valid. Look after yourself and the rest will flow from there. Thanks friends. Catch you in 2024.

If you found this episode helpful, please share it with a friend and join me on Instagram and Facebook. I’m @play.learn.chat

that’s Play.Learn.Chat, you’ll find all the links that we discussed in the show notes. Have a sparkly day!



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