PLAY is the absolute best way to help your autistic child learn & connect with you *Psst play is also amazing for EVERYONE!*

by Adina Levy

I love play. Play is the best. All learning for kids really happens through play the best learning for everyone happens in play and playful moments.

When your child is playing with things that are within their interests, you’re going to notice that their attention is longer than if you introduce something for them to do. So it does help build their attention.

Your child is going to be more motivated and more interested in interacting with you, if they are playing and engaged in activities that are fun for them… Activities that they have chosen, that they have started.

It’s really important to consider your child’s sensory preferences and notice that play doesn’t have to be with toys. Play can be all about movement. If your child loves to move their body, play might be lifting them up and throwing them down on the bed. Play might be running around the garden. Play might be climbing a tree. Play might be jumping on the couch.

If your child likes to play with their hands and feel different textures, it could be that play is about exploring the environment and feeling leaves, feeling dirt under their feet.

Try to understand what it is that your child likes from a sensory perspective, what engages their interest in terms of topics, what do they naturally gravitate towards and try to give them more opportunities to play in those ways. You can join in more in the play that is aligned with how your child loves to experience the world.

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