Neurodiversity Affirming Support for Parents of Neurodivergent Children

Neurodiversity Affirming Support for Parents of Neurodivergent Children

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I want more information & tips to support my Neurodivergent child!

Affordable, On-demand webinars:

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Affordable, on-demand. Access these webinars for a big discount when you bundle them:

  • Affirming Ways to Support your Neurodivergent Child’s Social Interactions
  • Affirming Goal-Setting for Neurodivergent Children
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Best value: Join the Connect & Grow Parent Community

Online Community for parents of neurodivergent (or possibly neurodivergent) children aged 1-12

$39 AUD a month for webinars, resources, and a closed Facebook group for ongoing supportΒ 

Kids playing together in leaves

I want a solid understanding of how I can help my 1-5 year old to communicate – Check out the Connect & Grow Parent Course!

Helping you connect with your autistic child, or child who might be autistic. For parents of children aged around 1-5 years old.

On-Demand Course β€’ 12 months’ access

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Neurodiversity is Difference, not Disorder

All Communication is Valid

All Play is OK

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