Boy and mum doing speech therapy online

Speech Therapy Online Around Australia

Online Speech Therapy

Early Intervention for children aged 0-5, who are late talkers, have communication delay, or autistic children.

Parent-training, to help you feel confident in supporting your child.


Speech Therapy Online Around Australia

Boy and mum doing speech therapy online

Online Speech Therapy

Early Intervention for children aged 0-5, who are late talkers, have communication delay, or autistic children.

Parent-training, to help you feel confident in supporting your child.


Is Online Speech Therapy Support right for my family?

If you answer ‘yes’ to most of the questions below, online speech therapy may be a fantastic support for your child and family!

Must be a ‘yes’

โœ… My child is aged between 0-5

โœ… My child is a late talker or has communication delays

โœ… We live in Australia

โœ… I am good at using technology, and familiar with Zoom

โœ… I want to know more about how I can help my child’s skills improve every day

You might also say ‘yes’ to:

โœ… My child may have a diagnosis or we may be considering an autism diagnosis (ASD)

โœ… It’s hard to find local speech therapy services who can see us now (there might be limited services, or long waitlists)

โœ… I’ve heard of ‘Hanen’ approach and I want Speech Therapy support using the Hanen methods

โœ… I want the convenience of Speech Therapy at home

Online Speech Therapy FAQs

What if my child won’t sit in front of the screen and concentrate?
This is a common question especially when we’re talking about speech therapy for very young children! The model of speech therapy support that I provide is parent training. This means I’m coaching you to provide the therapeutic support to your child.

Sessions are fun, dynamic and play-based. We might have you set the laptop up on a shelf where I can watch you and your child playing together, and I give suggestions about how you can use strategies that we discuss.

At other times, we (grown ups) may talk together and discuss progress or strategies and plans, while your child is busy doing something else.

How does Speech Therapy Online work?
We use Zoom to host secure, private video calls. All you need is a compatible device (iPad, tablet, laptop or mobile phone) and an internet connection. Parent involvement is essential! You’re the ‘learner’ learning strategies to help your own child develop skills. Come with an open, flexible mind and get ready to make small changes in how you communicate with your child, so that they can build their skills with you every single day!

Does Online Speech Therapy even work?
Yes! There is more and more research coming out that supports speech therapy online (telepractice or telehealth) being effective for many of the reasons that children work with us. In our exeprience, we have seen excellent success supporting children and families online, especially for the Early Intervention age group. If you’re considering Online Speech Therapy but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, please get in touch and we’ll discuss your family’s specific situation.

Can I claim Online Speech Therapy sessions on my childโ€™s NDIS funding?
Yes! NDIS funding can be used for online consultations (we can accept self-managed and plan-managed NDIS funds).

Can I claim Online Speech Therapy sessions from Medicare or private health funding?
Yes! Probably! The rules around this change over time but generally yes. Ask me about your specific situation for an up-to-date response.

dad and kid playing

Adina Levy

Neurodivergent Speech Therapist

I'm a neurodivergent speech therapist, working mainly with autistic children and kids with disabilities since 2012. I live in Sydney, Australia with my cheeky 3-year old and my husband.

Iโ€™m dedicated to helping families understand children better, and develop a deeper acceptance of your childโ€™s interests, passions, and individual strengths.

I have a neurodiversity affirming approach to my work with children and families. I believe that all brains are wonderful, different and needed. All childrenโ€™s and adultsโ€™ individual strengths and passions should be celebrated and honoured.

Iโ€™m always learning and adapting my practice - I love getting feedback and Iโ€™m always working to better support kids and families, and advocate for autistic and neurodivergent kids to have a valued place in their world.

I love making information clear and helpful for busy families โ€“ strategies and activities are built into your everyday life so that โ€˜speech therapy practiceโ€™ is something that happens within your daily life and play.

Everything is achievable and together we can help your child develop their best communication and interaction skills while building up your confidence to support your child on their journey!

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