Life is messy.

A baseline of OK-ness = more capacity to cope with the mess.

by Adina Levy

Life can be full of uncomfortable things. Confusing things. Illness. Disappointment. Uncertainty. Things that smell (literally). Uncontrollable noise. Interactions that feel out of balance. Worry. Anxiety… on and on I could go.

All of this is hard for anyone to cope with, sure.

Autistic folks like me struggle on many, many more levels, in deeper more pervasive ways with some of the messes of life.

The more layers of ease, comfort, support, care, joy and calm we can build in to our lives (in big and little ways), the more we are able to manage when shit hits the fan.


Here’s what I’m trying this week to layer in OK things, so I’m more able to cope with the harder stuff:

πŸ’¦ Looooong shower (calms me the heck down)

🎧 My happy chilled music (today it’s a Nora en Pure mix on YouTube, for the 1000th time)

β˜•οΈ Coffeeeeeeeeeeee

βœ… Allowing myself to tick off small, easy win, dopamine-inducing tasks from my list

🚦 Intentional gratitude practice at every green traffic light (wow thanks universe!)

🧴 My fave hand cream (feels and smells goooooood)


OK I’ve forgotten about food so that’s my next step after sending this…


Reflection moment:

What do you intentionally do (or should do more of!) when you’re feeling off-kilter and life is getting messy? How do you support yourself to cope with the mess? What can you add in to support yourself better?

And how can you help your clients, students, family members to build in more ‘OK’ and even lovely things, so that when unexpected non-OK things happen, they can be more able to manage, with a solid OK baseline?

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