I’m deeply auditory-sensitive – here’s why coffee-related noises are OK

by Adina Levy

In my podcast episode How I Experience My Auditory World as an Auditory-Sensitive Autistic Person’, I delve into the world of auditory sensitivities as experienced by an Autistic person… that’s me! From the challenges of external noises like rumbling garbage trucks to my love-hate relationship with the sound of my coffee grinder, I give you a glimpse into my own personal journey with significant auditory challenges.

Whether you’re supporting an Autistic or auditory-sensitive child, or even looking for insights into your own experiences, these reflections and strategies might just be what you need!

Let’s talk coffee… There are so many related noises that I find very aversive and intense. Yet I can cope & even don’t mind these noises much. Here’s why & how I cope!

  1. My motivation is high – coffee is life
  2. I’m in control of the noise
  3. Sometimes I have an extra support, like my AirPods to block out some of the sound
  4. It’s a very short noise

Since my identification as an AuDHDer (Autistic ADHDer), some of the most beautiful revelations I’ve had are around recognising and accommodating my sensory differences. This self-awareness has enabled me to set up an audio environment that truly supports me. It’s a constant game of regulation, from the use of my beloved noise-cancelling headphones to ensuring I’m in control of certain sounds.

But beyond my own experiences, I’ve discovered strategies that not only benefit me but also my daughter. Strategies that revolve around self-knowledge, motivation, control, and supportive tools.

I invite you to take a deeper look into my auditory world, where I discuss these strategies, challenges, and much more. Listen on your favourite podcast app: Click Here

For Speech Therapists – Check out my course Affirming Communication for Autistic Children to learn more!

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