How 1 simple activity can build so many communication skills

by Adina Levy

Every single moment with your child is a chance to help them build communication skills.


Once you have a few ideas of skills you want your child to be working on, you’ll see these opportunities to embed ‘real life practice’ into real life activities and every day play moments.


The other side of this is once you’re in the middle of an activity that your child is enjoying, you can start to notice all the skills that they’re working on naturally!


This doesn’t mean daily conversations turn into testing moments. NO chance. It means you get to relax into interactions with your child and notice the learning moments as they arise.


The most important factor is to ALWAYS maintain connection and fun as number 1.


It can be a fine balance between feeling pressure to turn every moment into learning vs taking time to enjoy your child. Aim to take the attitude of fun as number 1, and embed/notice learning in play. If you have a moment of guilt, try to let that go. There are no wasted moments, but there are limitless opportunities!



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