Helping your child talk more and learn new words… at Bathtime!

by Adina Levy

Language learning happens everywhere!


Many parents want their kids to learn new words, and it’s common to think that we need to set aside ‘special learning time’ or ‘therapy practice time’ to meet this goal.

MYTHBUSTER MOMENT! Language learning happens everywhere! I love sharing ideas for using everyday routines to build skills for talking!


Activity Idea – Bubble bath cupcakes!


Who it’s for: Kids of any age but especially toddlers and kids learning to use longer phrases

What you need: A bubble bath, and some little cups or whatever you have in your kitchen

Goals you can work on:

💬 Expanding vocabulary

🗯 Modeling fun ‘sound’ words

👥 Social skills – turn-taking

Bath Activity Ideas

💬 Language to model:

“Bubbles in”

“Red cup on”

“I want the blue one!”

📢 Talk about what just happened and use FUN sounds! 🌟Language to model:

👉 “WHOOPS! It fell in”

🛁 “BOOP! Cupcake’s in the bath!”

🧁 “The blue cupcake has gone! OH NO!”

Toddler in bath with bubbles

One Strategy – Plus One


Add one word to the thing that your child says. So if they communicate without words, if they point at something or hold something up or reach for something, you say one word that they can use. If they say one word, you say their word and add one more!

They don’t have to use it, you’re just helping your kid hear these words as an opportunity for them to hear the word and they might say it then or they might say it in the future.

Child says: Bubbles!

You say: BIG Bubbles!


Child says: Push in

You say: Push cupcakes in!

Toddler in bath with duck

Want more ideas to turn everyday situations into language learning moments?

My online course Connect & Grow covers this and SO. MUCH. MORE. for children aged 0-5 years.

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