Connection not compliance

by Adina Levy

Connection with your child starts with a respect for their perspective.

Compliance is about power. If you frequently require that your child does what you say, choose, demand, you’re asking them to comply with your choices.

Parenting is always about finding a balance between letting your child do things their way, and setting boundaries and rules for your child to follow.

My take? So many parents seek compliance WAY too often.

⭐What happens when you let your child choose more things?

⭐What happens when you say YES to your child’s preferences more

⭐What happens when you drop a few boundaries when you realise that you don’t have a great ‘why’ for them?

Give some power back to your child and try to spend just a few extra moments each day connecting with your child. truly SEEING them, and following their choices.

Reserve your compliance demands for the moments that truly need them. You get to pick what this is but keeping boundaries about safety is a great starting point.

REFLECTION QUESTION: Where can you shift the dynamics between you and your child… build connection, reduce moments of compliance demands? Come back here to report back on how you went and what the result was for your child and your relationship!

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