LIVE online parent course

connect & Grow

For curious parents of autistic children. 

Helping you connect with your autistic child, or child who might be autistic.

โ€ขย Join me, neurodivergent Speech Therapist Adina Levy for 6 weeks of neurodiversity affirming group sessions that will help you understand your autistic child and make plans for how to support them to connect & grow!

โ€ข Gain confidence, knowledge and understanding about autism, how you can support your childโ€™s
communication development, and advocate for them

โ€ข Connect with other parents, share space & ideas

mother and child having fun together
mother and child having fun together

 Register now and grab the Earlybird pricing of just $250 AUD for over 6 hours of speech therapy support & guidance!

Valid until Mon 10th Oct, 5pm Sydney time (AEDT) then price goes up

Which of these sound familiar to you?

You've put your child's name down on loads of speech therapy waitlists... And when a spot comes up it might be hard to fit into your busy life!

Your autistic child is seeing a therapist and you want to know more, to understand autism and understand how to help your child


You are wondering if your child is autistic, perhaps you're in between appointments or waiting to find out

This live, interactive, online group speech therapy course is for you if:

Your child is autistic

... or they might be autistic (you may be on a diagnosis journey)

Your child is aged around 1-5 years old

Your child is non-speaking, speaking a little bit, or starting to have some conversations (but perhaps with some difficulty)

You want to understand your child better. You want to understand autism and neurodiversity better

You want to learn how to help your child develop communication and interaction skills through connection & in everyday life

This online course is open to people living anywhere in the world!

Live Online Course – 12:30pm – 1:30pm Tuesdays
6 x weekly sessions in November – December 2022

(Sydney time/AEDT)

Tues, 1st November

Tues, 8th November

Tues, 15th November

Tues, 22nd November

Tues, 29th November

Tues, 6th December

Earlybird pricing ends in:








Earlybird pricing ends in








In this series of 6 x weekly 1 hour interactive webinars, you’ll learn about:

Autism, Neurodiversity & Identify Goals for your Child

๐Ÿง   All about autism and neurodiversity

๐ŸŒˆ What it means to be ‘neurodiversity affirming’ and why your autistic child needs you to understand this

๐ŸŽฏ Set goals that make sense for your child and family


Understand & Support Sensory Needs, 'Fussy Eating', and Let's get PLAYING!

๐ŸŽง Your child’s sensory preferences and how to support them

๐Ÿฟ ‘Fussy eating’ and how to support your child if they have a limited food range

๐Ÿงธ Play! Understanding different types of play and supporting your child by playing their way to help them learn & connect with you

Help your Child Understand what you Communicate to Them

๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘ Strategies to help your child understand the things you say and communicate

๐Ÿ™Œ Non-speaking ways you can share messages with your child

๐Ÿ–ผ Create individualised visuals for your home during the session, to help daily life go more smoothly for everyone!


Help your Child Communicate with You & Support their Behaviour

๐Ÿ‘‹ Help your child communicate more effectively, using non-speaking or speaking ways of communication.

๐Ÿค— All communication is OK! We discuss actions, sounds, gestures, signing, Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), speech and more!

๐Ÿ˜Œ Understand and support your child’s behaviour in affirming, supportive ways by understanding the ‘deep why’ behind the behaviour

Emotions & Interacting with Others - in a Way that's Right for Your Child

๐Ÿ˜ค Help your child understand and cope with emotions by meeting where they’re at

๐ŸŒฌ Find individualised strategies that help your child regulate

๐Ÿค— Support your child to interact with other people in ways that are right for them – a neurodiversity affirming way of viewing socialising

Activity Ideas, Collaborate with Others & Plan for the Future!

๐ŸŽถ How to get the most out of music, songs and books

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Connect with childcare, preschool and other therapists so you’re all on the same page in supporting your child

๐Ÿ—บ Navigate diagnosis & support pathways, navigate NDIS, and choose your childโ€™s team

๐ŸŽฏ Plan for the next steps – goals and actions

Using NDIS Funding for this Course –

Self-Managed or Plan-Managed Funds

When can I claim the course fees back from NDIS? When you register and pay for the course, you’ll receive an invoice immediately with all of the program dates listed, and the amount for each session (total course fee divided by 6). In most cases, you can claim each week’s support amount on the date of the actual session (not before). You might choose to make a claim for all the sessions at the end of the program, or you can choose to make the claim each week.

How can I claim this back from NDIS if I have plan-managed funds? You may want to discuss with me & with your plan manager before registering to confirm you can claim. Submit your invoice to your plan manager. They will help you work out when you can get reimbursed and they will do that process directly with you.

Can I get an invoice from Play. Learn. Chat. and get my Plan-Manager to pay it directly? No, that is not an option for this course. Payment is by credit or debit card only, as this is a low-cost support. 

Which part of the NDIS budget does this come from? You will be able to claim for this support under Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living (where you claim regular speech therapy support). In some cases you can use funding for Parent Training if your child’s plan has this.

The course is just $250 AUD for more than 6 hours of speech therapy support (earlybird pricing)

This is less than the cost of 1.5 hours of individual speech therapy support. You will get a LIFETIME of value from joining this program!

Earlybird pricing valid until 5pm (Sydney time) 10th Oct

What you get when you register:

Live interactive webinar access, for 6 weeks


Workbook & downloads to help you put your plans and knowledge into action!

Access to the recordings (about half of each session will be recorded) for 12 months

Ongoing access to the Play. Learn. Chat. Facebook group

mother and child playing

Why I created the Connect & Grow Live Online Speech Therapy Course

Across Australia, it can be hard to get speech therapy support at the time you need it, and with the right apporach that fits your family and child.

There are long waitlists in many places, and some therapists are not experienced in working with autistic children or children on a diagnosis pathway. I passionately believe in the power of coaching parents to understand how they can best support their children’s communication and interactions. There’s no need to ‘wait’ and do nothing! You can get started right now in helping your child!

As an experiened parent coach and neurodivergent person, I am passionate about helping families like yours to understand and honour your child’s individual strengths. I teach strategies that use your child’s interests and strengths to help them (and help your family) with the things that are hard.

When you join my online live Connect & Grow parent course, you’ll get a wholistic, neurodiversity affirming understanding of who your child is. You’ll learn how you can support them to develop communication skills, understand their sensory needs, and how to work with other therapists and education settings to help them understand your child better.

You’ll also connect with other parents who are in a similar situation to yours, and have a chance to share stories and ideas with each other. Over 6 webinars, you’ll learn, share, connect, make plans, and my hope is that you’ll come out of the program more confident and knowledgable about supporting your autistic (or possibly autistic) child!

Adina Levy

Speech Therapist

I'm a neurodivergent speech therapist, working mainly with autistic children and kids with disabilities since 2012. I live in Sydney, Australia with my cheeky 3-year old and my husband.

Iโ€™m dedicated to helping families understand children better, and develop a deeper acceptance of your childโ€™s interests, passions, and individual strengths.

I have a neurodiversity affirming approach to my work with children and families. I believe that all brains are wonderful, different and needed. All childrenโ€™s and adultsโ€™ individual strengths and passions should be celebrated and honoured.

Iโ€™m always learning and adapting my practice - I love getting feedback and Iโ€™m always working to better support kids and families, and advocate for autistic and neurodiverse kids to have a valued place in their world.

I love making information clear and helpful for busy families โ€“ strategies and activities are built into your everyday life so that โ€˜speech therapy practiceโ€™ is something that happens within your daily life and play.

Everything is achievable and together we can help your child develop their best communication and interaction skills while building up your confidence to support your child on their journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be able to access the recorded parts of each session (about half of each session) and PDF resources for 12 months from the start of the program.

This is quite an interactive course which is why I run it as a series of live webinars and you’ll get the most from it if you can join us live.

However I understand the need for flexibility so if you can’t make it to a live session, you will still be able to access the content & information!


If I join this course, does my child still need to see a speech therapist?
I don’t know your child or your situation so I can’t give specific advice. This course is not the same as getting direct speech therapy, because it is all about teaching, coaching and supporting YOU a parent or carer. In many cases you might also want to see a speech therapist for direct, individual support.
How does the course work?
Live group sessions are held on Zoom Webinars. You will get the link for each session emailed to you each week just before the live session.

Live sessions are around 30-40mins of information and content, and around 20-30mins of discussion and interactive activities. You’ll get the most from this course if you actively participate in the discussions and activities, but this is optional. You can join in however feels comfortable and right for you!

Recordings, workbook and PDF downloads are all hosted online in the Community Hub (on Kajabi). You’ll get emails with information to help you set up and access your account there.

We see a speech therapist now - why should I join this course?
This course is designed to upskill and support parents and carers directly – I hear so often that parents don’t understand autism or they don’t know the best way to talk to their child or help them develop communication skills. When you join this program, you’ll learn a huge amount about your child and about autism. Many families attend my parent programs at the same time as doing individual speech therapy support!
Can I attend if I'm not from Australia?
Yes! You’re welcome to! I will reference our NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and issues local to Australian families, but most of what I talk about will apply to families all around the world.