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Speech Therapy Community Membership

Connect & Grow
Speech Therapy Community Membership

Online Community for parents of neurodivergent (or possibly neurodivergent) children aged 1-12

✔️ For parents of autistic children and neurodivergent children

✔️ For parents of children who may be autistic or neurodivergent

✔️ For parents of children with emotional regulation or social communication challenges

Speech Therapy help.
With a twist.

It’s time to stop doing things the way they’ve always been done.

❌ Waitlists.
❌ Huge costs.
❌ Big time commitments.

Parents: You have so much power to help your kids learn and develop
Often, parents need some guidance, ideas, information and accountability to know how to help your child grow and develop.

Community Membership is:

⭐️ Quick and easy to join.
⭐️ Affordable and flexible – stay as long as you like!
 Convenient and quick to get the info, inspirations and ideas that you need.

The Community Membership is my non-traditional approach to speech therapy support. In many cases it can help you while you’re waiting for other supports, and being in this community can work alongside other therapies and support you to get clarity, focus, support and ideas to help you navigate your child’s pathway.

Community Membership is low cost & huge value.

✅ NDIS funding can be used for the Community Membership in most cases  

What you get when you join the Community

Regular Recorded Webinars

20-45 min info and actionable deep-dive on specific topics. Watch any time. Access a huge library of existing resources on topics you need support and ideas for!

Regular Access to New Resources

Videos, checklists, worksheets and more!

Private Facebook Group

Community Discussion in our Private Facebook Group. Share and connect with Adina & other parents

Your Questions Answered

Ask questions and get answers in the FB group, Instagram or in our community content

What is the Connect & Grow Community Membership?

Speech Therapist Adina Levy runs the Connect & Grow Community Membership Group for parents of autistic children, neurodivergent children, and children who may be neurodivergent, aged 1-12.

Build your child’s skills every day with strategies you learn via online advice, support, resources, information and accountability! Connect with other parents and share ideas.

We cover emotional identification and regulation and social communication skills with a wholistic, neurodiversity-affirming approach, to support your child to be more regulated and more connected with you and their world, every day.

Topics that we cover include:

communication skills in all modalities – talking, listening, signing, gesturing, pictures and more!

sensory needs and personal preferences

supporting behaviour and carefully choosing boundaries

identify your child’s strengths and support your child to build positive self-concept

interactions and  social communication skills through a neurodiversity affirming lens

overall development to support your child

support for you as a parent to build your knowledge, calm and confidence

I use a Neurodiversity Affirming approach to all I teach and share.

Some people’s brains work differently and each child is unique – their uniqueness is celebrated! I teach parents to support kids to be themselves, value their unique strengths, advocate for themselves, understand others better. I teach that the world around your child needs to do a lot of the learning and changing, to support your child. Let’s not ask children to do all the learning – that’s not fair and it’s not the best way forward!

Connect & Grow Community

👩🏼‍💻 Regular Recorded Webinars – 20-45min info and actionable deep-dive on specific topics. Watch any time

📄 Regular Access to New Resources – videos, checklists, worksheets and more!

💬 Community Discussion in our Private Facebook Group

🙋‍♀️ Ask questions and get answers in the FB group, Instagram or in our community content

💬 Option to book longer individual parent-coaching sessions (additional fee)

✅ NDIS funding can be used for the Community Membership in most cases

Adina Levy

Neurodivergent Speech Therapist

I'm a neurodivergent speech therapist, working mainly with autistic children and kids with disabilities since 2012. I live in Sydney, Australia with my cheeky 3-year old and my husband.

I’m dedicated to helping families understand children better, and develop a deeper acceptance of your child’s interests, passions, and individual strengths.

I have a neurodiversity affirming approach to my work with children and families. I believe that all brains are wonderful, different and needed. All children’s and adults’ individual strengths and passions should be celebrated and honoured.

I’m always learning and adapting my practice - I love getting feedback and I’m always working to better support kids and families, and advocate for autistic and neurodivergent kids to have a valued place in their world.

I love making information clear and helpful for busy families – strategies and activities are built into your everyday life so that ‘speech therapy practice’ is something that happens within your daily life and play.

Everything is achievable and together we can help your child develop their best communication and interaction skills while building up your confidence to support your child on their journey!

💬 Get in touch

If you are enquiring about a workshop, webinar, training or a speaking opportunity, I will respond soon. Please note that it can take me a few days to get back to you as I juggle many roles!

If you've registered for a webinar or workshop and can't find confirmation or access information, please check your junk/spam email and add hi@playlearnchat.com to your safe senders/contacts list.

I am not able to provide personalised advice, resource or service requests/recommendations. You can view my resources & links page here, and view therapy services that I've worked with here. Please note that I no longer take on new speech therapy clients.

I am not able to reply to all feedback comments, but I do read them and appreciate you taking the time to share!

Thank you for your understanding!


For anything else - please feel free to contact me using the form below