You have all the best intentions. You care about your neurodivergent clients, patients, and students.

You want to help the children in your care to thrive and be fully supported.

You want to know that the strategies & tools you’re using are aligned with best practices, and Neurodiversity Affirming approaches.

How best to talk and communicate with neurodivergent children?

What does holistic collaboration look like?

How can you shape environments to be inclusive and accommodate neurodivergent children’s needs?Β 

I’m here to guide you along this learning journey!


Β In the Communicate & Connect Webinar Series, I share effective ways for professionals like you to build responsive relationships, establish collaborative connections, and design supportive spaces that are inclusive and accommodating for neurodivergent children.

Whether you’re an Allied Health, Health or Education Professional, this series will clarify your knowledge about Neurodiversity Affirming supports, and equip you with the tools and guidelines you need. I make it easy for you to implement your learning!

Communicate & Connect Webinar Series - Bundle

Responsive Relationships:

Neurodiversity Affirming Communication Strategies for Professionals to Connect with Neurodivergent Children

Recording available for 12 months

This webinar is 1 hour long

Why register for this webinar?

  • You’re a health, allied health or education professional who supports neurodivergent children… and you find it hard to connect with them. Or…
  • You’re unsure how to communicate with children whose communication seems minimal, inconsistent or unclear. Or…
  • You want to build deeper, respectful and reciprocal relationships with neurodivergent children in your care

What you’ll learn:

  • A framework for thinking about responsive & respectful communication
  • Neurodiversity Affirming strategies for communicating with ND children at all stages, including those who are not speaking and those who may not communicate clearly
  • Access to visuals and tools for supporting understanding and communication in any setting

Communicate & Connect Webinar Series - Bundle

Collaborative Connections:

Neurodiversity Affirming practice – change the world around children: Coach and Communicate with Carers & Teams of Neurodivergent Children

Recording available for 12 months

This webinar is 1 hour longΒ 

Why register for this webinar?

  • You’re a health, allied health or education professional who supports neurodivergent children… and you need support to connect better with families and caregivers (who may often be neurodivergent themselves). Or…
  • You want to understand the challenges and benefits, and supportive strategies for connecting with children’s teams. Or…
  • You want templates, tools and sample scripts to help you collaborate with teams and families

What you’ll learn:

  • The power and necessity of effective collaborations when supporting ND children
  • A framework for addressing collaborative connections
  • Key strategies and example scripts to communicate with families, carers and other professionals in a child’s team (including when the collaboration doesn’t seem easy)

Communicate & Connect Webinar Series - Bundle

Supportive Spaces:

Neurodiversity Affirming Spaces: Creating Inclusive and Accessible Environments to Support Neurodivergent Children in their Communities

Live on Monday 17th June at 12pm AEST (Sydney Time)

+ Recording available for 12 months

Why register for this webinar?

  • You’re a health, allied health or education professional who supports neurodivergent children… and you want to create sensorily-safe and supportive physical spaces for the children you support. Or…
  • You want to learn how to create an inclusive environment that supports communication of all types. Or…
  • You want guidance for creating safe, accessible and inclusive digital spaces for the neurodivergent people you support, their families and support teams.

What you’ll learn:

  • Guidelines for setting up an environment that facilitates communication, safety and engagement – at schools, childcare centres, and in medical and allied healt settings
  • Sensory considerations for creating environments that support ND children
  • Digital ‘spaces’ – considerations for supporting connection & communication online, for ND children and their families/carers
  • Communication tools that you can use and customise, for maximum clarity and support

Who is the Communicate & Connect Webinar Series for?

Professionals who support Neurodivergent Children, anywhere in the world

Allied Health Professionals

Speech Therapists (a.k.a. Speech Pathologist, Speech Language Pathologist etc!), Occupational Therapist, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and any other allied health profession where you support neurodivergent children

Health/Medical Professionals

GPs, Paediatricians, Psychiatrists and any other medical professional where you have neurodivergent children as patients

Education Professionals

School Teachers, Principals, Learning Support Teachers, Teachers Aides, Early Childhood Educators, Daycare providers, and any other education professional where you have neurodivergent students or children in your care

You can, and need to be a positive force for the neurodivergent children who you support – connect with them to provide better support and education. Collaborate with their families, caregivers and teams for a holistic approach. And create safe, accommodating spaces for neurodivergent children to be their best selves.Β 

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About Adina

Hi! I’m Adina Levy.

I’m an Autistic ADHDer, Speech Therapist, Professional Educator and Speaker. I have over a decade’s experience working professionally as a speech therapist, with Autistic & neurodivergent children, their families, and their support networks. I’ve been an educator in various settings for almost 20 years, and I’m absolutely dedicated to helping others learn, reflect and take action on big concepts and ideas.

I make learning fun, engaging, relevant, and practical. I blend lived experience, personal reflection, clinical experience and evidence-based practice (with a critical lens!).

We’re in the midst of a huge shift in how we ‘do’ support, the Neurodiversity movement is a rising tide. I’m delighted to see SO many professionals across health, allied health and education join in, be brave to unlearn some ‘old’ ways, and take action to learn and practice affirming approaches.

Through the Communicate & Connect Webinar Series, my goal is to guide you to reflect on your knowledge, confidence and practice, learn new ideas, and make plans to shift the way you communicate with, and support neurodivergent children in your care.

I share tools, strategies, ideas, and provide guidance to help you clarify what the Neurodiversity Affirming Approach looks like, in your everyday clinical practice.

More than 1,200 professionals have taken my Neurodiversity Affirming Practice workshops and webinars to date! I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s what to do next:


Register for the Communicate & Connect webinar series through our straightforward online platformΒ 


Join the 3 webinars live, or watch the recordings in your own time, to gain insights into affirming practices


Apply what you’ve learned in your professional setting to make a tangible difference, using our tools & templates to guide you

So friend, are you ready to join us, and make a big, important commitment to providing the best, ethical, affirming care and support for your neurodivergent clients, patients and students?

Take the most important step towards professional growth and a deeper understanding of how to implement neurodiversity affirming care in all that you do.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Webinars are live in April. May and June 2024.

The recording will be shared with all registrants, for 12 months’ access. If you register before the live webinar, your 12 months’ access starts when the recording is sent to you.

If you register after the live webinar, your 12 months’ access starts when you register.


Recordings are sent within 1 day of the live session.


If you register after this time, you’ll get immediate access to the webinar, and for the next 12 months.


I am not able to offer formal accreditation for my webinars, however when you complete all modules you’ll receive a certificate outlining the title of the webinar, date of completion, your name, my name, and hours of professional development completed.

Most associations accept this as evidence of your course participation.


Absolutely! However note, when you purchase through the links on this page, access for this course is strictly for 1 person.

I offer a big discount for 5 or more registrations from a team. Email hi@playlearnchat.com if you’d like to access the team discount. Let us know how many team members you want access for, and we’ll share a quote.

I'm a parent, but I'm really interested in this webinar series - can I join?

You’re very welcome to register as a parent. I have created this specifically for professionals, so this is who I ‘speak to’ in the webinars.Β 

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