Wait… can I ask for support for a child and still be Neurodiversity Affirming?

by Adina Levy

I’ve had a blast sharing Neurodiversity Affirming Practice knowledge, ideas and info with parents and allied health professionals across 2 workshops/webinars.

One of the big questions that comes up a lot is…

Wait… can I ask for support for a child and still be Neurodiversity Affirming?

Short answer is YES!

My long answer is that Neurodiversity affirming practice is essentially human affirming practice.

It recognises that neurodivergent people are humans who deserve to be acknowledged for who we are, to be supported to thrive and experience joy. This mindset is not about assuming that someone doesn’t need help. We need to recognise that needing support is completely valid.

Here are some ways that I support myself and seek external supports:
🏠 I work alone in my home office,

🌷 I surround myself with flowers (which bring my eyes and brain joy)
🤲 I use all the sensory tools that I need to regulate – often putty!
💺 I often wriggle around in my spinny office chair
⏰ I rely heavily on alarms and reminders on my phone to stay organised
👯‍♀️ I keep connected with my close humans and get (and give) emotional support, bounce ideas, chat things out with them

The bottom line is that we all need support, and it’s completely okay to ask for it.

Neurodiversity affirming practice MUST include discovering and advocating for an individual’s support needs.

    Allied health professionals: Learn more with me! Check out my recorded, on-demand 2 hour Introductory Workshop to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice to learn more!

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