But I won’t fit in the tent.


by Adina Levy

But I won’t fit in the tent.

But I’m too tired to move off the couch.

But I’m too distracted thinking about all the other junk on my mind.​


If I’d given in to these BUTs I would have missed out on this joyful moment of sharing a delicious (play dough) snack in the tent with Zoe.

I’m not saying that I always get in the tent, nor am I saying you always should. But I like to notice and wonder what happens when we dial up the connected moments just a bit, and challenge our busy, grown up, sensible excuses for missing out on connection.

Questions for you to ponder:​

🤔 When did you last say NO to joining in with something with your child (or your client/student) that might have led to fun connection?

🤔 Was you reason for saying NO a valid one, looking back?

🤔 What might have happened if you went with your child’s idea? What is the best that could have happened? What is the worst that could have happened?

🤔 How can you remember to try more YES to connection and push past the BUTs more this week?

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