Supervision & Coaching for Allied Health Professionals

Online Individual Supervision or Coaching for Speech Pathologists and other Allied Health Professionals

Areas I can support, discuss and guide you in:

  • Running groups in your private practice
  • Innovative service delivery models including telehealth, webinars and education offerings
  • Neurodiversity-affirming practices
  • Pivoting from having a team to shrinking the team
  •  Tech set-up and digital tools, systems and processes to streamline your business
  • Policies and processes to ensure simple, profitable and values-based business

How it Works

Sessions happen online on Zoom, as often as you choose (generally up to fortnightly, depending on my schedule and our schedule alignment!).

In most cases, you’ll be able to count our session time towards your professional development requirements.

I’ll always leave you with a written record which we collaborate on, so you’re clear on what we covered and where you’re headed next.


60min sessions

$250 (Including GST)

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Book an individual session now using the form below. You’ll be charged now for the session and you’ll receive an invoice within a few minutes. Sessions are non-refundable but the session time can be changed with 48 hours’ notice for no charge.

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Adina Levy

Speech Therapist

I’m a speech therapist based in Sydney, working mainly with autistic children and kids with disabilities since 2012. I’ve worked in a range of settings, from community and disability organisations, running my bricks-and-mortar group private practice, and now as a sole practitoner running an online-only private practice.
I am somewhat obsessed with finding the balance between helpful, ethical practice, clinical relevance, sustainable, profitable services, happy therapists and smooth systems.

I have a neurodiversity-affirming approach to my work with children and families. I believe that all brains are wonderful, different and needed. All children’s and adults’ individual strengths and passions should be celebrated and honoured. I keep this at the front of my mind when designing, setting up and running groups. I’m exploring my own ND qualities, and have a strong sense of designing a work-life around your own individual (and your team’s) sensory, social and interest preferences!

I love making information clear and helpful for busy families, and now I’m so excited to be bringing this approach to other therapists and allied health private practice owners!

For many years I’ve been fielding emails and online group messages asking about how I get groups happening, and I decided that it’s time to pull all of my ideas, experience and perspecive together into one spot to support other private practices to run groups of your own!

You get the benefit of my 7+ years of running groups, learning, analysing & adapting! Our industry needs innovative approaches and I’m here to support you and your team to think creatively and adaptively about how groups can serve your clients, families and team!