Add PLAYFULNESS to the every-day. Add joy, connection and ease.

by Adina Levy

Here’s a thing I believe, live, and teach.

Play doesn’t just happen at ‘play times’. Play is about FUN. It’s a lightness. It’s playfulness. Play can and should happen anywhere, at any time, during any activity!

I’m going to give you a little challenge. This will help you and your child add a bit of πŸŽ‰fun🌟 to a mundane every-day activity. Once a day for a week, I want you to turn something that was either ‘work’ or a ‘have-to-do’ into PLAY!

Think about every-day activities like:

πŸͺ₯ Brushing teeth – make it a race, or pretend you’re tickling your dinner! 

πŸ”‘ Practicing spelling words – take the activity out of the book and make it a race around the apartment!

🧺 Tidying up toys – basketball! Race to find all the red pieces!

Pick an experience that you share with your child, inject something silly, fun or playful. Shift the ‘regular’ vibe and make it playful. It might actually make your day go a little bit easier and help you be a little bit more connected with your child!

The best thing you can do is align those ‘have-to-do’s with your child’s interests and their play preferences. So if you’re stuck for ideas, think about what your child LOVES to do, and see how can you match something that is a struggle or a mini-battle, with what your child loves. Boom! You’ve added fun and enjoyment to something that was just *yawn*…


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