A time for reflecting on your practice – How Neurodiversity Affirming are YOU?

by Adina Levy

This is such a wonderful time of year to reflect on… well everything!

If you’ve been thinking hard this year about your clinical practice and working to be a more deeply neurodiversity affirming practitioner, then it’s ideal to pause and step back and notice how much your progressed in your listening, learning, and practice. And of course the next step is to work out your ‘where next’.

I’ve put together some reflection questions and I’d encourage you to think, write, talk through this in whatever way helps you reflect and process!

Neurodiversity Affirming Practice reflection questions

  • Strengths, change and growth over the past year:ย What areas have you grown in, across the past year? Where have you broadedned your learning, deepend your understanding, and shifted your practice this year? What have you UNLEARNED? What’s helped you on this journey?
  • What has this learning and un-learning brought up for you? What jumps out asย priorities for your next steps? What are youย surprisedย to notice? Where do you feel less confident, or less clear on what Neurodiversity Affirming practice looks like?
  • Howย will you seek this learning and skill development in the next 6 months? What will help you put this into practice?

Here are 2 further ways I can help:


  1. You can complete the free (now on Google Form)ย ‘How Neurodiversity Affirming Are You?’ self-assessment.ย Many of you have already completed it, and if this was more than 2 months ago I recommend doing it again to note your progress and new learning priorities! The above reflection questions are part of it!
  2. If you’re a speech therapist, you canย grab one of the spaces in the Peer Supervision group! I can’t wait to share this reflective, learning, connected space with other wonderful speechies!

    If you’d like more guidance to think of the kinds of supports you want to ask for, from your child’s childcare, preschool or school, join me live (and recorded!) Personal Profile Workshopย to discuss and guide you through this thinking!