8 Questions to Ask Yourself for an Aligned Life in 2024

(especially for ND brains!)


by Adina Levy

One of the most powerful ways to get your life aligned with your needs and wants is to get real with yourself… this means knowing yourself, and facing some big questions. And if you’re a parent or professional supporting neurodivergent children I’d encourage you to think about the questions I share below, from the child’s perspective – or even discuss them with the child if you can!

While it can be hard to find your current, true answer to these questions below, you can arrive there in different ways. It’s totally worth it to do the work.

Unsurprisingly, the way each person will arrive at their answers will be individual! You might just read them and think about your answers, you might journal them. You might talk them out with a trusted friend. You might have an in-depth discussion with Chat GPT (seriously, I do this and it’s helpful for me!)!

So here are 8 important questions that I encourage you (and the neurodivergent kids in your life) to reflect on, leading in to 2024 to help you shape your life to be most aligned for you!

  1. What parts of your life have you really enjoyed doing lately? Where have you found flow?
  2. What have you avoided, procrastinated and hated doing?
  3. Where are you headed? What’s the vision? (you choose the timeline – 6 months, 10 years, whatever works for you)
  4. What’s it all for? What gives you meaning, and what pushes you forward in life?
  5. What do you know about your brain and body? What is it great at, what is hard, and what does it need help with?
  6. What are you denying yourself the support to get? Where are you placing expectations on yourself that are not true to what you need?
  7. In what ways are you trying to do life like Neurotypical folks/everyone else? How could you live your life in a way that is different and less expected, but suits you better?
  8. What are three (small or big) things that you can do to get started making your life more aligned for you, in the next month?

Now, I originally wrote these 8 questions for neurodivergent business owners who I’m working with more and more… and then I realised that almost the very same set of questions could be helpful for ANYONE. Neurodivergent or not, adult, child, business owner, human, student, parent, whoever you are!

I hope that you find these reflection questions useful and actually take the time to work out your responses, in a way that suits how YOU reflect and process.

If you’re a neurodivergent business owner, check out my Aligned Business Workshop if sharing in discussion with others in a similar situation is what helps you. More info over here!

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