8 ideas for supports you can ask for at childcare, for your neurodivergent child


by Adina Levy

Your child is starting a new childcare, preschool, school, or moving to a new class.

This can come with a LOAD of emotions for you, and for your child.

Naturally, you want to set your kid & their educators/teachers up for a successful start.

One of the best ways you can do this: Clearly share WHO your child is, WHAT they love, and SUPPORTS they need.

Here are some support ideas from a recent Personal Profile that I worked with a parent to complete, for the child who is starting at a new childcare centre soon.


8 ideas for supports you can ask for at childcare, for your neurodivergent child:

  1. Iโ€™m still learning to understand English, so help me understand you by showing me what you want me to understand (take me there, show me objects or pictures)
  2. When Iโ€™m concentrating on something, itโ€™s hard for me to listen to you. Let me finish what I’m doing and come in front of me so I can see you want to talk
  3. If I have a meltdown, please take me to a quiet place where I feel safe. A hug might help. Singing my favourite songs. I might need space.
  4. Eating can be hard for me. When I eat, let me use my own plate and bowl. Donโ€™t push me to eat, itโ€™s my choice what I feel safe to eat at each meal.
  5. For sleep time, my dummy and blanket help me feel safe and calm
  6. My hands are very sensitive so if I donโ€™t want to touch surfaces or dirty things, donโ€™t force me to
  7. When I need to move my body (spinning, jumping, dancing) please let me move!
  8. Let me watch a new activity or new people before expecting me to join in


You can easily make your own Personal Profile to help childcare preschool or school quickly understand who your child is and how they can support them!

I have a free template, and recorded workshop available to help you create your child’s Personal Profile!


Free Personal Profile Templates: https://playlearnchat.ck.page/60278d8b9fโ€‹

Recorded Personal Profile Workshop: https://playlearnchat.com/personal-profile-workshop/


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