Transforming support for Neurodivergent Children: Neurodiversity Affirming Practice Education by AuDHDer, Speech Therapist, Professional Educator & Speaker, Adina Levy.

For Professionals dedicated to understanding and supporting Autistic & neurodivergent children in affirming ways.

For Professionals ready to create a world where Neurodivergent Children are believed, accomodated, connected and fully supported.

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Affirming Communication for Autistic Children – Course for Speech Therapists

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Turning Affirming: For Speech Therapists Supporting Autistic Children

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Adina Levy

Neurodivergent Speech Therapist

I'm a neurodivergent speech therapist, working mainly with autistic children and kids with disabilities since 2012. I live in Sydney, Australia with my cheeky 3-year old and my husband.

I’m dedicated to helping families understand children better, and develop a deeper acceptance of your child’s interests, passions, and individual strengths.

I have a neurodiversity affirming approach to my work with children and families. I believe that all brains are wonderful, different and needed. All children’s and adults’ individual strengths and passions should be celebrated and honoured.

I’m always learning and adapting my practice - I love getting feedback and I’m always working to better support kids and families, and advocate for autistic and neurodivergent kids to have a valued place in their world.

I love making information clear and helpful for busy families – strategies and activities are built into your everyday life so that ‘speech therapy practice’ is something that happens within your daily life and play.

Everything is achievable and together we can help your child develop their best communication and interaction skills while building up your confidence to support your child on their journey!

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